Brain-computer interface


  • S11 BCI: where are we now? - M. Hallett (USA), A-M. Brouwer (Netherlands), F. Lotte (France)



Electroencephalography and magnetoenchephalography (electromagnetic, source imaging, high density EEG, simultaneous recording)


  • S19 Simultaneous recordings of EEG/MEG and intracranial EEG: new windows on epileptic and cognitive networks - L. Koessler (France), S. Vulliémoz (Switzerland), A. Barborica (Romania), C. Bénar (France)



Epilepsy, stereoelectroencephalography and intracranial recording


  • S9 Advanced applications of HFO to diagnose and treat epilepsy - J. Sarnthein (Switzerland), J. Jacobs (Germany), M. Zijlmans (Netherlands)
  • S23 Who will read EEG in the near future: humans, machines or both? - S. Beniczky (Denmark), J. Gotman (Canada), F. Fürbass (Austria)
  • S9 High frequency oscillations: clinical implications and future directions - C. Papadelis (USA), S. Seri (UK), M. Zijlmans (Netherlands)
  • S15 What intracerebral stimulation teach us about SUDEP - S. Schuele (USA), S. Rheims (France), B. Diehl (UK)
  • S12 The genesis of seizures: from animal models to human recordings - F. Bartolomei (France), M. Di Curtis (Italy), A. McGonigal (France)



Intraoperative and intensive care unit monitoring


  • S13 Intensive care acquired weakness - M. De Carvalho (Portugal), W. Z'Graggen (Switzerland), J-P. Camdessanché (France)
  • S8 The neurophysiology of anoxic brain injury: from bench to bedside - M. Van Putten (Netherlands), J. Hofmeijer (Netherlands), N. Gaspard (Belgium)



Motor neuron, neuromuscular diseases and neuropathies


  • S14 New neurophysiological methods in research and the clinic - H. Tankisi (Denmark), A. Truini (Italy), R. Whittaker (UK)



Movement, motor control and movement disorders


  • S3 New insight in clinical neurophysiology of movement disorders and dementia - I. Rektor (Czech Republic), L. Bonanni (Italy), E. Moro (France)
  • S5 Physiological and pathological oscillations in the human motor cortex - V. Di Lazzaro (Italy), A. Priori (Italy), A. Suppa (Italy)



Neuroimaging and brain mapping


  • S2 Cortical-layer specific activation and connectivity revealed by ultra-high field MRI - M. Guye (France), N. Petridou (Netherlands), Y. Assav (Israel)



Neurophysiology of cognition


  • S4 Connectivity and function in the temporal lobe - L. Maillard (France), A. Trebuchon ( France), M. Lambon Ralph (UK)
  • S6 New insights in the neurophysiology of language - C. Kell (Germany), V. Piai (Netherlands), B. Morillon (France)



Nerve conduction studies, quantitative and single fiber electromyography (including MUNE/MUNIX)


  • S10 New techniques in quantitative electromyography: Near-Fibre EMG, CMAP Scan, and Surface EMG - N. Gorkem Sirin (Turkey), O. Garnes-Camarena (Spain), J. Richard (UK), P. Contessa (USA)



Psychiatric disorders and neurofunctional disorders


  • S26 Cortical overexcitation, cognitive deficits, and productive neuropsychiatric symptoms in pathological aging: a window on vigilance regulation systems - U. Hegerl (Germany), C. Babiloni (Italy), B. Güntekin (Turkey)



Sensation, central sensory pathways and their disorders, pain


  • S16 Physiology and clinical utility of prepulse inhibition - J. Valls-Solé (Spain), V. Versace (Italy), M. Kofler (Austria)
  • S25 Gamma Band Oscillations (GBOs): source analysis and clinical correlates - M. de Tommaso (Italy), U. Baumgärtner (Germany), G. Liberati (Belgium)
  • S1 Neurophysiological techniques and their relevance to neuropathic pain - A. Truini (Italy), M. Valeriani (Italy), U. Baumgärtner (Germany)



Sleep and disorders of consciousness


  • S17 Sleep and epilepsy: insight from intracranial recordings - I. Lambert (France), L. Peter-Derex (France), L. Nobili (Italy)



Therapeutic clinical neurophysiology, neuromodulation


  • S20 Personalized therapeutic perspectives of non-invasive brain stimulation - J-P. Lefaucheur (France), W. Paulus (Germany), U. Ziemann (Germany)
  • S22 Connecting to the networks of the human brain by EEG guided closed-loop TMS - C. Zrenner (Germany), T. Roine (Finland), L. Marzetti (Italy)
  • S18 Clinical neurophysiology at the time of (Covid) epidemics - L. Leocani (Italy), D. Taussig (France), S. Attarian (France)



  • S21 Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and EEG - G. Boylan (Ireland), G. Loron (France), N. Bednarek (France), E. Bourel-Ponchel (France)
  • S24 DBS Basal Ganglia - E. Eusebio (France), D. Guehl (France)


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