The courses will take place with a minimum of 15 paying registrations.


Auditory and vestibular physiology and disorders


  • TC20 Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (VEMPs) - E. Papathanasiou (Cyprus)



Autonomic nervous system function and disorders


  • TC10 How and when to test autonomic nervous system? - M. Habek (Croatia), E.Merete Hagen (UK), A. Fanciulli (Austria)



Electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography (electromagnetic source imaging, high density EEG, simultaneous recording)


  • TC9 Paediatric seizures and epilepsies: from interictal and ictal EEG to syndrome diagnosis and etiology - A. Kaminska (France), M. Eisermann (France), D. Lamblin (France), E. Losito (France) 180mn
  • TC13 Advanced EEG analysis methods - J. Metsomaa (Germany), M. Stenroos (Finland), M. Grosse-Wentrup (Austria)
  • TC6 High Density EEG - L. Koessler (France), M. Gavaret (France), C. Benar (France)



Intraoperative and intensive care unit monitoring


  • TC3 Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM): Technical aspects, troubleshooting, pitfalls and safety - D. Kefalas (UK), J. Urriza (Spain), G. Perez-Fajardo (Spain)



Motor neuron, neuromuscular diseases and neuropathies


  • TC22 Plexitis brachialis: sensory NCS and myography - P. Proot (Belgium)
  • TC23 The utility of motor unit number index (MUNI) in neuromuscular disorders - E. Delmont (France), A M. Grapperon (France), S. Attarian (France)
  • TC25 Compression and iatrogenic neuropathes - V. Khodulev (Belarus), S. Vlasava (Belarus), V. Voitenkov (Russia)



Multimodal evoked potentials


  • TC28 Performing single and paired-pulse TMS tests single-handed - H. Bostock (UK), G. Samusyte (Lithuania), H. Tankisi (Denmark), B. Cengiz (Turkey) 180mn
  • TC16 Visual Electrophysiology - A. El Gohary (Egypt), H. Elhabashy (Egypt), A. Allah Farouk (Egypt)



Neonatal neurophysiology


  • TC24 EEG in the neonatal period - R. Pressler (UK), M. Eisermann (France), A. Datta (Switzerland), G. Boylan (Ireland) 180mn
  • TC1 Maturational evolution of the EEG of neonates - L. Triki (Tunisia)
  • TC4 Infant ENM: how to proceed? - Y. Pereon (France), C. Gitiaux (France), M. Pitt (UK)



Nerve and muscle excitability


  • TC11 Muscle excitability testing - W. Z'Graggen (Switzerland), H. Tankisi (Denmark), K. Ng (Australia)
  • TC5 Axonal excitability studies and MScanFit MUNE - J. Howells (Australia), H. Bostock (UK), K. Jones (Canada), H. Tankisi (Denmark)


Nerve conduction studies, quantitative and single fiber electromyography (including MUNE / MUNIX)


  • TC7 What information electrodiagnostic examination does not provide? - A. Oge (Turkey), M. Baslo (Turkey), E. Kocasoy Orhan (Turkey)
  • TC8 Quantitative electromyography - C. Krarup (Denmark), S. Birk (Denmark), C. Crone (Denmark), O. Sener (Turkey) 180mn
  • TC15 The entrapment syndromes of the upper limb - the diagnosis and the neurophysiological evaluation - M. Banach (Poland), J. Pigonska (Poland), M. Koszewic (Poland)
  • TC19 Mastering motor unit potential recruitment analysis - R. Devon (USA)
  • TC26 Tips and traps when conducting needles EMG examination - Y. Pereon (France)
  • TC29:Advanced sensory neurography with surface and needle electrodes - B. Falck (Finland), C. Martinez Aparicio (Spain), C. Chu (China)
  • TC30 Nerve conduction studies: novel methods to obtain references values and interpret the test result - M. Tannemaat (Netherlands), J. Jabre (USA), D. Preston (USA)



Pediatric and developmental neurophysiology


  • TC17 Pediatric epileptic seizures, from bedside to theory - H. Nasser (France), F-X. Mauvais (France), E. Lopez Hernandez (France)
  • TC14 Neurophysiological examinations in childhood and adolescence: application in the clinical setting, current state and future developments - O. Maier (Switzerland), P. Broser (Switzerland)



Signal processing and modelization


  • TC18 Closed-loop real-time EEG-triggered TMS: live programming and live demonstration - C. Zrenner (Germany), U. Hassan (Germany), G. Kozak (Germany)



Sleep and disorders of consciousness


  • TC12 Polysomnography in clinical practice - L. Teunissen (Netherlands), V. Van Kasteel (Netherlands)



Ultrasonography of nerves and muscles


  • TC27 Added value of neuromuscular ultrasound in clinical neurophysiology - E. Montvilas (Denmark), N. Van Alfen (Netherlands), N. Wolfram (Denmark), J. Lindqvist (Denmark) 180mn


Therapeutic and clinical neurophysiology, neuromodulation


  • TC21 How to perform rTMS and tDCS in practice? - J-P. Lefaucheur (France), S. Rossi (Italy)




  • TC2 SFEMG course - E. Stalberg (Sweden), D. Sanders (USA)


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