Philip Broser


Philip J. Broser received a degree in Mathematics in 2003 and his medial doctor (MD) in 2006 both from the University of Heidelberg. He received the Ph.D degree working in the Department of Cell Physiology (Laboratory of Prof. Sakmann) at the Max Planck Institute for medical research in Heidelberg. He developed new techniques for quantitative neurobiology and studied early postnatal brain plasticity. He trained as a pediatrician in London and worked at the Institute of child health. He used advanced diffusion MR techniques to analyze non-invasively the substructures of the Thalamus in children. After completing his neuropediatric subspeciality training at the Children`s University Hospital in Tübingen he was appointed Consultant neuropediatrician at the Children`s Hospital of Eastern Switzerland in Sankt Gallen, Ch. He is now heading the unit for clinical neurophysiology and has set up the research laboratory for pediatric clinical neurophysiology. His main clinical interests are peripheral neurology, neuromuscular disease and pediatric epileptology. He has introduced high resolution nerve ultrasound imaging into the pediatric neurophysiological routine and research in Switzerland. The research of his laboratory focuses on developing new techniques for pediatric neurophysiology and the analysis of maturation of the peripheral nervous systems. The most recent publication of his laboratory shows the close correlation between nerve conduction speed and nerval cross-sectional area during the first two years of life. He has published numerous articles in the field of pediatric neurophysiology and is an active teacher for pediatric neurology at the University of Basel and the newly founded Joint Medical Master at the University of Sankt Gallen.



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