Andrei Barborica


Andrei Barborica is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Physics Department at the University of Bucharest. After performing research in non-human primates as a fellow at Columbia University, he has been working in the past 10 years with the group in the epilepsy monitoring unit at the University Emergency Hospital of Bucharest, contributing with the computational analysis of human electrophysiological data collected in patients undergoing presurgical evaluation for drug-resistant epilepsy. His current research interests are directed towards understanding brain networks’ functionality at meso- and macro-scale using intracranial and simultaneous scalp-SEEG recordings and stimulation in collaboration with other centers across Europe. Multi-modal (functional and effective) brain connectivity is investigated using a variety of approaches, of which the ones highlighting effective connectivity using low- or high-frequency intracranial electrical stimulation stand out.



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