Claudio Babiloni


Claudio Babiloni received a master’s degree in Psychology and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences.

He is Associate Professor of Physiology at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology "V. Erspamer", Sapienza University of Rome.

He chairs ISTAART Electrophysiology Professional Interest Area of Alzheimer’s Association and co-chairs the Special interest Group “Advanced EEG/MEG techniques in Clinical Neurophysiology” of International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology.

He investigates neurophysiological mechanisms of brain rhythms related to vigilance and cognitive processes by advanced analysis of EEG activity recorded in healthy adults and patients with HIV and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lewy body neurodegenerative diseases. 

He contributed to “DECIDE” 2010-2013 (, “PharmaCog” 2010-2015 (, “SYNANET” 2016-2018 (, and “BBDiag” 2017-2021 ( European projects and co-authored more than 290 full peer-reviewed papers registered in PubMed. These papers received  > 12,000 citations and a H index of 62 (Scopus source, September 2020).




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