Anne-Marie Brouwer


Anne-Marie Brouwer graduated in psychology in 1998. She started her research career as a PhD-student (Rotterdam University) and post-doc (Max-Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen; Center for Visual Science, Rochester NY) in the field of human perception and action, studying eye and hand movements in response to visual and other types of information. After starting working at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO in 2007, her area of research changed to Brain-Computer Interfaces. She became an expert in the relatively new field of passive BCI or ‘mental state monitoring’ where EEG signals and other physiological sources of information are processed in order to estimate a person’s cognitive and affective state. Anne-Marie and her group are concerned with clarifying what information we can obtain from (neuro)physiological signals, and where this could have added, practical value. Anne-Marie supervises a number of PhD and master students, and is active in the field through memberships of conference committees and scientific journal boards. Recent and current customers include national and European research organizations, defence (Dutch and US) and food industry.





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